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Employee & Customer Experiences

Day Darmet Experiences bring creative, design, strategy, and culinary talents to your business challenges

Things aren’t going back to “normal.”

With the pace of change we’ve seen in recent years it’s clear that the world of work will never be the same, so we need to adapt and find new ways to reach people.

In this new world, how will you address employee morale? Company culture? Customer engagement?

While some things change, others remain. You still need to onboard, celebrate milestones, observe holidays, host events, reward, collaborate, recognize, appreciate, entice.

When everyone can’t be together in one place, we help you bring a 360, full sensory, well orchestrated experience to reinforce connection with employees and customers, wherever they are.

Day Darmet has a solid 20 year track record of thinking outside the box; delivering end-to-end solutions that are unique, playful, and celebrate connection.

We bring creative, design, strategy, and culinary talents to your business challenges.

Let us be your connection to uncover the stories that motivate and inspire, develop creative concepts that lead to effective experiences, and connect the dots to successfully deliver and delight.

Whether the experience you’re looking for is for 100 people in the Bay Area or 1000 around the world, we take the struggle out of planning, designing and delivering a meaningful experience.

Whatever your need, we wrap our arms around you and take care of the entire project.