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Day Darmet are two women, born on two different continents, from diverse families, who met up in France. Both sharing the love of food and design they set off to start a catering business and create some magic. Together in 2002 they created Day Darmet Catering, inc., to provide meals for fortune 500 companies, startups and social events. They have built their stellar reputation for providing exceptional customer service, quality, and innovation.

The Culinary Side of Day Darmet

From the time I could read, I was fascinated by the art of cooking. I still have the Betty Crocker Cookbook that my brother bought me when I was 7. I began baking and cooking from page one and never stopped. Preparing food and bringing people together has fed my love of being a chef for nearly 3 decades.
—Day Darmet

The Creative Side of Day Darmet

Creativity is the flair for conjuring up unique ideas and translating them into designs. That is my superpower. I am curious with each client. I want to understand their request fully. I begin with researching their values, colors and intentions. This information passes to the kitchen team and leads the way for a memorable event.
—Florence Raynaud

Our Story in this ever-changing world

When catering, in general, slowed to a halt, due to Covid-19, we asked ourselves, “how will people still connect?” Being firm believers in the power of rituals and symbols to keep our cultures alive, we realized that we would have to adapt to the “new normal.” Which now, is no longer the “new normal,” but normal.

Setting out on our new journey and not wanting to re-create the wheel, we switched up the luxury of catering to Boxed Bento meals, beautifully presented and arriving warm, ready to enjoy. With the same vigor and excitement, we have discovered new ways to delight our clients. From breakfast to dinner, to appetizers, always an original twist on catering.

But, we did not stop evolving there…


Designed for your employees and clients

We became curious about how companies would connect, celebrate and encourage both employees and clients.

Setting out with a new concept we partnered with Molly Kittle, a well known and inventive explorer of people’s stories. Together we broke new ground with our Experience offerings; personal, unique, and never cookie cutter. Thoughtfully curated elements that go beyond a box, using locally sourced vendors, and inventive ways to connect, that touch the heart of any recipient in a way that helps them feel seen.

We are part of the movement that is changing the tide of giving.

The Experiences Side of Day Darmet

Molly’s mission is to connect people to their voice, their purpose, and to each other; to uphold the crucial role of story in our lives, as a foundation for connection and ultimately, business success. The website Connect with Story has more info about events she hosts in San Francisco and online.

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